It feels like it has been said before
with every song I listen to
trying to find something original is not easy.
I know how I feel inside
trying to put that into words is not so clear.
I call myself a writer,
come on write something.
OK, here goes nothing.

When I look at you, I see forever.
I have no idea how next week goes
or what next month will bring.
What I do see are happy wedding smiles,
children's first steps
holiday's and high days,
everything in between.

I wish I could share this with you
fear holds me back.
What am I saying?
You're no fool
you see it in my eyes
feel it in every kiss
I love you.

It feels that slowly you are becoming aware,
having faith in what you already knew.
I promise I'll be here when you're ready
I would wait a lifetime.I am not interested in second best.
For me it is you, it always has been
from the day we met.
My best friend
my most intimate lover, we were born for eachother.