Sometimes I loose my mind; impossible to know how I feel
lost is the comprehension of what is fake or real.
In this familiar plane of time, unable to relax
I want to control it, but the skills I lack.
They tell me I'm crazy; a pincushion I become
it hurts they don't believe me; hate what I have done.

These emotions are all consuming, I am trying not to hide
I need to be able to use them, get a grip of what's inside.
Visions, angels, demons, they're all there
I'm reaching, calling, from behind my eyelids they stare.
I can sense them, feel them, they linger so near,
I wish I could touch them, to tell them they’re dear.

'Episodes' are unnerving, difficult to deal
I know I can handle them
on medication I can't feel.
This is difficult for you,
seeing my fingers trembling, my eyes flitting around,
trust when I tell you, a safer place can be found.

Thank you for believing in me
I am not insane.
For your support not anger and pain.
I consider this a gift; treasure it I do
A member of an exclusive club,
one of the few.